aka. the family or faces of OutLaw Fishing!

Chris Starkey

  • Competitive Tournament Angler: Full time for 2 years
  • Favorite Technique: Weighted Senko, power fishing!
  • Personal Best: 6.25 lb Largemouth Bass on a White Frog
  • Favorite Lake: CA Delta
  • Favorite Lure: Jerkbait!
  • Awards: Lake Camanche Team tournament (Team Won)


Social Media:

  • YouTube: Hbxl Outdoors
  • Tiktok : Chris Starkey
  • Instagram: @chris_starkey_fishing 

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Jason Taylor

  • 38 years of Tournament Fishing/Angling
  • Favorite Technique: Glidebait & Chatter Baits
  • Personal Best: 8 lb Large Mouth Bass
  • Favorite Lake: Table Rock
  • Favorite Lure: Chatter Bait 

“Never, never, never give up” _Winston Churchill_

Ernesto Alvidrez

  • 2 years of Tournaments/Angling
  • Favorite Technique: Finesse Fishing
  • Personal Best: 7lb 1oz Small Mouth Bass
  • Favorite Lake: Lake Oahe in South Dakota
  • Favorite Lure: Megabass Magdraft
  • Awards: 2022 Pikes Peak Bassmasters Rookie of the year. 2x state contender for Colorado Bass Nation. 2022 TBF national qualifier. 2024 national contender in B.A.S.S

 “Remember kid, there’s hero’s and there’s legends. Hero’s get remembered, but legends never die. Follow your heart kid, and you’ll never go wrong” _The Sandlot_

Social Media:

  • Instagram: @freshwater_outfitter

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Chris Perez

  • 5 years of Tournaments/ 37 years of Angling
  • Personal Best: 9.67 lb Large Mouth
  • Favorite Lake: Lake Athens
  • Favorite Lure: Swim baits & Glide baits

"If you want something you've never had, you must be willing to do something you've never done"

Social Media:

  • Instagram: @insomniyaks_crew
  • TikTok: insomniyaks

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Matt Massey

  • Tournament Fishing: 20 year Regional Level/ 4 years Professional National Level
  • Favorite Technique: Vibrating jig in grass
  • Personal Best: Largemouth~10 lbs, Smallmouth~ 7 lbs, Spotted Bass~5.5 lbs
  • Favorite Lake: Lake Fork, TX
  • Favorite Lure: Strike Kings Thundercricket
  • Awards: Numerous BASS state federation tournaments and qualified for the BASS federation nationals 3 times. Rocky Mountain Team Series AOY Champions 6 years straight. Several top 10’s with NPFL and finished 6th in AOY in 2022 

Social Media: @mattmasseyfishing on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube 

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Tommy Bench

  • Tournament Fishing: 17 years
  • Favorite Technique: Crankin
  • Personal Best: Largemouth~ 7.86, Smallmouth~ 6.06
  • Favorite Lake: Lake of the Ozark, but my life & passion is on the Gasconade River.
  • Favorite Lure: Soft Plastic Jerk Bait
  • Awards: Angler of the Year, Big Bass, & Multiple tournament wins, etc.

"Son of a Fish"

Social Media:

  • Facebook: Gasconade River Guide
  • Instagram: @tommyrbench

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Tory Jacobs

  • Tournament Fishing: 4 years & currently captaining a boat for son's high school fishing team
  • Favorite Technique: Glide bait
  • Personal Best: 7 lbs 2 oz
  • Favorite Lake: Lake Fork/ Toledo Bend
  • Favorite Lure: Versa Glide

"Give a man a fish & you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish & he's broke for life."

Social Media:

  • Instagram: @Tandtangling or @toryjacobs

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Tanner Helton

  • Tournament Fishing: 6 years
  • Favorite Technique: Power Fishing
  • Personal Best: 23.75 in weighing 7.5 lbs
  • Favorite Lake: Duck River
  • Favorite Lure: Zman Chatterbait

"Teach a man to fish, & he'll buy a lot of unnecessary stuff for no reason at all."

Social Media:

  • Instagram: @thelton24

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Don Evans

  • Tournament Fishing: About 8 years
  • Favorite Technique: Topwater! Love a top blow up!
  • Personal Best: 9 lb Colorado Giant
  • Favorite Lake: A hidden gem in Texas, I can't disclose lol
  • Favorite Lure: Jewel Ned paired with a Zman Bigs
  • Awards: 6x Colorado State Team, Pike Peak Bassmasters Rookie of the year also Co angler of the year. Plus 20 top 10 finishes

"Live for the hookset"

Social Media:

  • @heavy metal fisherman on Facebook & Instagram

Mike Scott

  • Tournament Fishing: 5 years
  • Favorite Technique: Feness
  • Personal Best: 7.2 Largemouth
  • Favorite Lake: Ft. Gibson Oklahoma
  • Favorite Lure: Square Bills
  • Awards: 2023 Rookie of the year Pikes Peak Bass masters and top 10 finish, TBF National Semi Finals Qualifier,  Fullmoon Classic top 10 finishes and 2nd place 2023. Plus multiple top 10 finishes 

"Stay Humble and Pass your Craft"

Social Media:

  • Instagram: @mike_scotts_adventures
  • Facebook: Mike Scott
  • Tiktok: @mikescott9839

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Rion Siwinski

  • 3d year of finishing High level Tournament
  • Favorite Technique: Flipping a swim jig/Texas rig through lay downs & under docks
  • Personal Best: 9 lb 7 oz Largemouth, 6lb 14 oz Smallmouth
  • Favorite Lake: Norman in NC or Fav River near home
  • Favorite Lure: Swim jigs w/ frogs or spooks
  • Awards: 2019 Maryland winner of strike kings photo contest, Phoenix big bass on the 1st Potomac Shenandoah division tournament of 2023, master angler award from Maryland dnr for catching 10 different species citation size in the same year

"Close Only Counts with Horseshoes & Hand Gernades"

Social Media:

  • YouTube: @RyanNoSkunkSiwinski
  • Facebook: Rion Siwinski
  • Fishbrain: RyanScottSiwinskiMD

Sponsor: Trout Unlimited 

Temple Sebio

  • 2 years of Kayak Angling tournament
  • Personal Best: 7lb 21oz
  • Favorite Lake: Cooters Pond (Lake off of Alabama River)
  • Favorite Lure: Jigs and Chatter baits

"Live Everyday Like it's Your Last and Keep Ripping Lips!"

Social Media:

  • YouTube/TikTok: @tkofishingigy6
  • Facebook: Temple Sebio
  • Instagram: Battista Hernandez

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